Legal Notes


The Telecontact Center S.r.l. (by now T. Center), with registered office in Napoli at Calata San Marco 13 – 80133 Napoli, it is legally represented by Rosaria D’Apice, who is the holder of the user license rights of Taxi Napoli 8888 App, whose terms of use are the following.
T. Center valorise its users’ freedom of expression and communication, but it requires that such freedom is used within the limits of licit and that does not offend others.
The registration requires the inclusion of the information provided, that will be treated in strict accordance to the “Privacy Code”.
The Contract’s General Conditions below (henceforth “CGS”) apply to all services (from now on called “Services” or individually “Service”) provided by T. Center.

The use of services is only permitted to a registered user who has:

  • a) Read the disclosures on the processing of personal data and agreed to the processing of thereof;
  • b) Accepted the CGS.

The CGS will be applicable also to the Services that will be provided in the future by T Center except as otherwise provided at the time of registration or of the first supplied of the new Service.

T Center reserves the right to amend these CGS and to add, modify or delete, at its discretion and at all times, Services and/or content of the website according to the manner described below.

The user can verify and print on paper at any time the current text of the CGS at the Service’s descriptive page on the website.

The user undertakes to print and keep the CGS on paper or on an adequate support.

Within the meaning and for the purpose of the articles 7 and 12 of Legislative Decree No 70 of 09 April 2003, T Center shall provide the users the following information: the service provider matter for CGS is: Telecontact Center s.r.l., incorporated in Napoli, to Calata San Marco 13, P.IVA 04784491211; email

1. Definitions

In the General Conditions (below called CG), the following terms have the meaning specified below:

  • – User: the registered user who accepted the CG for access to the service, by assuming rights and obligations described therein.
  • – Service: the service, provided by TCenter, consisting of a computer system able to direct user requests, at the central processing cab rides directly managed by TCenter.
  • – Registration: the procedure laid down in Taxi Napoli 8888 service by which the User communicate his e-mail, his mobile telephone number and accept the CG.

2. Registration and provision of Services

2.1 Upon satisfactory completion of registration, the User will receive an email and a text with a code for verification of the authenticity of the registration.

3. Registration and data-processing

3.1 the grant of e-mail and mobile telephone number of the user are the only data processed for the accomplishment of the service. Any other data concerning the sampling point (address where the taxi must go to pick up the user) or the inserted bookings will be dealt by TCenter adhere to the Privacy Code. The disclosure of data-processing it’s available on board the taxi or in TCenter website.

4. Suspension of the service

4.1 TCenter reserves the right to temporarily suspending, without any prior notification, the provision of services longer than necessary to technical appropriate measures to improve the quality of the services themselves.

4.2 TCenter may, in any moment, discontinue these services where it fulfills well-founded security reasons or privacy violations, by giving in that case note to the user.

5. Obligations of the user

5.1 The user undertakes to communicate the data truthfully and to respect these conditions of use and all applicable laws.

5.2 The user undertake to not copy, modify, decode, decompile and spread the software of Taxi Napoli 8888.

5.3 In case of improper use of Taxi Napoli 8888 App by the user, TCenter reserves the right of suspend and barred the user from the service.

6. Obligations and responsibilities of TCenter

6.1 The use of services it’s entirely at risk of the user. TCenter does not make any guarantee and/or promise of quality, proper functioning or suitability of services to an end or a particular result prefixed by the user.

6.2 TCenter it’s not responsible in any case for possible damage deriving from inaccessibility to services and/or website or delay, malfunctioning, suspension and/or interruption – neither to the user nor to third party, directly or indirectly, connected to the user itself – in service delivery caused by:

A) Viruses disseminated by third parties, theft of data caused by third parties;

B) Tampering or unauthorized interference by the user or third parties on the website or on the service or on the equipment used by TCenter;

C) Tampering or interference on wireless devices, falling under the user availability, carried by the latter or third parties unauthorized;

D) Erroneous use of the service by user part;

E) Malfunction of the wireless devices used by user part.

6.3 TCenter does not assume responsibility for damages, claims or losses, directly or indirectly, caused to the user for failure or malfunctioning of electronic equipment, included Internet Service Providers, of telephone and/or computer connections not managed by TCenter or people whom the latter has to respond or otherwise attributable to causes outside the sphere of their own predictable control, included, by way of example, fires, natural disasters, lack of energy, unavailability of telephone connecting lines or of others network service providers, malfunction of calculators and other electronic devices, also not part of the web-based network.

6.4 TCenter does not assume responsibility for any damage or prejudice that may affect users or third parties as a result of downloading on their own computers material of any kind available on websites not directly supplied by TCenter.

6.5 TCenter it’s not responsible of the conservation and storage of material placed in the webspace. The user is obligated to keep thereof in suitable IT supports.

6.6 TCenter undertakes to adopt all the IT tools for the protection of the materials and constantly update thereof, so as to ensure maximum security and the strictest confidence possible to the consumer in the use of the service.

6.7 This website may contain links of other websites not belonging to TCenter. It is clarified that the content of such sites can’t be controlled by TCenter that therefore won’t be responsible of the consequences resulting by the use of thereof. It is understood that the link does not entail any endorsement by TCenter regarding the content of these websites to which it is provided a connection. Particularly TCenter is not responsible of any infringement of the law or of third party’s rights deriving from the content of the mentioned websites. Only the holders of the websites which TCenter provides a link, will be the responsible of the content of those websites as well as the online selling of products and of the related conditions of sale and of the consequences arising from the purchase of such products. TCenter it’s not responsible of any infringement of copyright.


7.1 The service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless possible suspensions for maintenance, in that case TCenter undertakes to restore these interruptions in the shortest possible time.