Draft conventions for passenger
transport by means of taxi

Such convention provides

For the payment of any single ride, the passenger will deliver to the taxi driver a coupon stamped and signed, on which besides the amount, you must write down the date and the initials of the car with locations of departure and destination.

As an alternative

It’s possible to pay the ride with a ticked virtually generated through a free App, that, on request drawn up a code to report to the taxi driver, who will close the transaction by use the terminal installed in the car.

The invoice

Will be sent every month, with an attachment, containing the total of the carried races, specifying the date, the amount and the acronym of the car for each single coupon.

In each invoices

Will be included, besides the amount of the benefited racing, an additional amount in the form of secretarial rights, calculated as a percentage on the racing total amount.

The payment

Of the invoice must be carried out within and not later than 30 days from receipt of thereof, by bank transfer or with non-transferable bank draft.

For the activation of the present convention

Is required a deposit of 250,00 euro to be paid to the methods set out above, as security deposit that will be returned after the balance of the last invoice issued and paid.

The convention it is also valid for the listed below companies operating in other cities:

Bologna 051.4590 Milano 02.8585 Palermo 091.225455 Torino 011.5730
Firenze 055.4390 Padova 049.651333 Roma 06.6645

For further information

Please contact our administrative offices at +39 081 1879 4077 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.30 and from 14.30 to 18.00 or send an email to

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